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          Categories Pricing Corporate

          Pricing and Subscriptions

          Professional Plus
          (2 users minimum)
          $6.99 /mo
          per member
          2000+ eBooks on Professional Development and Soft Skills
          1000+ Audio Learning tracks on Professional Development and Soft Skills
          500+ eLearning courses with exams
          Certificate on passed exams
          Share learning across the Team
          Each Team has it's own focus
          Assign content to the Teams

          Included in all Subscriptions

          Expert Authors will guide you
          Choose focus areas for AI recommendations
          Advanced Online reader
          Content in 12 languages
          Personalised notificaiton system
          AI Recommendation Engine
          New content Every Week
          Access anywhere, anytime

          Trusted By Brands

          Companies all over the world use Bookboon to help their employees succeed by improving their soft skills and personal efficiency.

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