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          Categories Pricing Corporate

          Take your Team ahead

          up to 250 users

          Upskill your team with thousands of ebooks and audio titles on soft skills in a social team learning environment

          A Library Full of Soft Skills

          5,000 eBooks and audios across diverse topics, from Proactiveness to Mindfulness

          Easy-to-Consume Content

          Bite-sized Learning your team will actually use

          Watch the Usage Rate Rise

          Easily track usage with consumption analytics for content type and learning hours

          What it can do for you and your Team

          In short...

          5000+ Professional eBooks and Audio content
          Track Teams and users learning hours
          Easily create and admin Teams
          Personalised Notification System
          Easily assign content to Teams
          AI Recommendation Engine

          Trusted By Brands

          Companies all over the world use Bookboon to help their employees succeed by improving their soft skills and personal efficiency.

          Kraft Heinz

          What you can Learn

          Here’s a selection of our top categories for you to have a taste of our offer

          Remote Working
          Teams & Project Management
          Personal Productivity
          Leadership & Strategy
          Communication & Presentation
          Digitalization & IT
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          Audio Learning

          Professional eBooks